General Rules 3PP Server

  • No disrespecting staff members.
  • No racism, homophobia, public attacks or language other than English in-game. (Timeout/Ban)
  • No spamming global chat, you will be muted or kicked from the server.
  • No meta-gaming. (i.e., giving away yours/someone else’s location in side chat).
  • No sharing of other players’ personal information in the game & discord.
  • No Alternative Accounts.
  • No stream sniping. (Watching a player in-game whilst also being in-game, no exceptions)
  • No combat logging. (1-day ban /1st offence + Player wipe) (1-week ban /2nd offence + Player wipe) (Perm ban / 3rd offence)
  • No advertising of other servers in-game or in discord.
  • Maximum group size 6 (Advanced Groups Mod will prevent any more).

Compensation Rules

  • It is recommended to be running some type of recording software on standby, video evidence is required in order to receive any sort of compensation.
  • We do not compensate items dropped on the ground.
  • We do not support compensation for vehicles.

Base Building Rules

  • You are allowed 2 bases only.
  • Basic Territories Mod prevents building in the circled Red Zones (Apart from those listed below).
  • No bases are allowed in police stations or medical buildings! (They are important for new players to loot).
  • No more than 1 set of 8 stacked gates/walls, then only single gates/walls are allowed throughout the base (1 watchtower width from stacked to next gate/wall).
  • No Building on main roads (Up and over roads is acceptable).
  • No players should be able to access other groups/base Codelocks, this is not on, we had to add this in because too many people flaunting this rule.
  • Base storage rules maximum amounts per territory – (MMG Supply Crate Wood/Grey Finished x3 | MMG Supply Crate Unfinished x6 | Barrels x6 | 3x Wall Shelves| 3 MMG Gear Stands).
  • Tent stacking is strictly forbidden (i.e – 10 canopy tents on top of each other) – You can put a Car tent with a Large Tent & Medium tent inside that is not 6 or 7 of the same. (we will purge if caught)
  • The base should have 1 valid access point and should be raidable, failure to do this the item blocking access WILL be deleted without hesitation.
  • Bases that are built on an in-map structure can have a maximum of 3 walls in height from the top of that structure. (Watchtowers allowed).

Anti-Griefing Rules

  • No traps inside or indirect contact with bases that are not yours.
  • The base griefing rule has been dropped, It’s very hard and time-consuming for admins to maintain this rule.
  • You cannot destroy cars when base raiding.

Raiding / Roaming Rules

  • Maximum group size 6
  • You cannot mix and match groups, once you have your group that is how it must stay.
  • You cannot join another team and work together in any way (No alliances).
  • Boosting is allowed; You can only boost by using either; One player, one static object or one vehicle (cannot use any MMG storage items).
  • You cannot claim someone else’s base if it has a flag (take it over). If no flag this isn’t considered a base, you can take this over.
  • Take what you want, DO NOT destroy items you are not taking.
  • No glitching/boosting through windows, where a body should not fit.
  • CODELOCKS- Do not attach to anything that doesn’t belong to you.
  • Bases / Tents (Glitched in the wall) / Vehicles etc (Everything should be raidable, if not contact an admin we will assist).
  • Do not log out on enemy bases for any reason. (Check general rules about combat logging).
  • If you log in and an enemy base has been built whilst you were gone, DO NOT take any items and call for an Admin or F11.
  • No glitching inside or out of bases at any cost (If caught you WILL be dealt with accordingly)

Raided Bases

  • If the base is not secured back up 3 days after the first raided gate/wall the whole territory will be deleted.

Glitch Raiding Rules

There will be no compensation if a player gains access to your base or items via one of the Allowed glitches mentioned below

  • Allowed to grab items from outside of a tent using the inventory radius system (DayZ bug we cannot fix)
  • Allowed to gain access by use of a vanilla ladder. It is a commonly known bug where vanilla ladders ignore collision.

Chat Rules

  • English only in main chat and Discord (voice chats can be used for foreign languages)
  • Never pretend to be an admin, you will be banned instantly

Ticket Rules

  • Please do not tag multiple staff in tickets if there is no response, we will answer your tickets when we are available.
  • Admins have the final say regarding any ticket/argument as well as the final decision.
  • Do not lie in tickets. This includes providing false information to staff about a situation or compensation request.
  • It is recommended to be running some type of recording software on standby, in case of an event in which we require video proof which happens to be for most ticket requests.
  • When making a ticket, try and have as much proof as possible, also state your in-game name as this makes things much quicker for us.
  • Do not private message admins. The ticket system is there for a reason. Unless you have been asked to.
  • Don’t ask Admins to teleport you this is something we will NOT do.
  • Never ask Admin for items, we check stock levels often and we can guarantee there’s enough on the map.

Fairplay Rules

  • VAC Banned users anyone under 730 days (2 Years) will be instantly banned there is no place for you here, anyone over the 730 days (2 Years) but has 2 VAC Bans will also be banned straight away.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of use of cheats or exploits. We demand our players to play the game with a spirit of fair play in mind. The game should be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with other players.
  • Exploiting or abuse of game mechanics (AOGM) is gaining an unfair advantage by using game bugs or mechanics in a way that the developer did not intend to work. Example of exploiting is placing objects inside walls or other places where the object would normally not fit, driving vehicles underwater, creating impenetrable tent walls, or intentionally using indestructible objects as shields that effectively give you invulnerability.
  • Ghosting is the act of abusing the mechanics of logging in or out of a server to gain an advantage over other players. For example, sneaking into an enemy base and logging out with the intention of logging in later when they are offline to get past base defences, logging out near a location where your allies later initiate hostilities to log in behind enemy lines or switching to an alternate character to avoid repercussions for your actions or use anonymity
  • to your advantage. This rule does not apply to players logging in inside their own home base
  • If you suspect a cheater DO NOT call them out in chat, create a ticket via our Discord (ESC/Server Panel/Discord) then we can monitor them without them knowing they are being watched.

Vehicle Rules

  • Only 2 vehicles per team are allowed. (This doesn’t mean keep 2 at the base and drive about in another don’t hide them either, we can see who last accessed cars.
  • DayZ vehicles are still extremely buggy (even after the new 1.19 update) and unreliable these items are driven at players’ own risk, whilst they have come a long way they often or not turn into rocket ships, and fail for almost no reason at all or disappear on restarts (Especially if parked close to a wall or UNDER a watchtower, compensation will only occur if VIDEO proof.